Eyewear Choices
Be sure to discuss your lens options with your optician
before you look at the frames. Not all frame styles work
with all prescriptions.
We have a wide array of frames and lenses to choose from. Your doctor and your optician are sure to help you choose the options best suited for your particular vision needs.  Our well trained and highly educated staff will make the sometimes tedious task of selecting the frames and lenses that suit you best a snap.
Here are some things you should know about lenses before selecting a frame that best facilitates your needs.
Lens Materials
(important information to learn before making a frame selection)
Lens Types
(can dramatically improve the overall look and performance of your new glasses)
Frame Styles
(What style fits your face? Can a frame improve the thickness and weight of my lenses?)

     Occupational Requirements:
     Many occupations impose demanding visual requirements on those who wear bifocals or trifocals. In addition to safety concerns, it is important to consider the visual demands of the wearer so the lenses can be designed to satisfy those specific visual requirements.

     Sports Glasses:
     All sorts of special lens designs are available for the needs of sports enthusiasts. Polycarbonate is the material of choice for active sports. Polarized sun lenses that eliminate reflected glare are especially appropriate for pilots, drivers, fishermen, hunters and all types of outdoors activities.
     Computer Glasses:
     There are a variety of options for those who use computers. These include special filters and anti-reflection coatings.