Multi-Focal Lenses


Progressive Addition Lenses (PALs) are the most technologically advanced option available today for presbyopia. They give you continuous uninterrupted vision for distance, reading and everywhere in between. Your eyes make a smooth transition between vision zones, with no "jump" or distracting lines. Find out how they work.

These lenses are split into two segments. The top segment is for distance and the bottom segment is for close work. There is no intermediate zone, and you will notice an annoying image jump at the bifocal line as you switch between distance and near vision.



These have three vision zones: distance, intermediate, and reading. Like bifocals, you will experience a "jump" at the lines
between the vision zones. Bifocals and trifocals are outdated technology.



These are only for reading and close work. You have to take them off to see at arm's length or in the distance, which can be annoying. For distance vision or computer work, you will need a second pair of glasses.


How progressive lenses work

     Progressives (or no-line bifocals) are the ideal choice for most presbyopic patients.  The miracle of progressive technology allows the wearer to have clear vision not only at a reading distance and at a distance, but at literally every distance in between.  So if you are sitting at a desk, you can be reading, answer the correct phone line, glance at your computer, and see who is walking into your office without switching glasses, or squinting. We provide progressive lenses from every manufacturer, including lenses not available to large optical chain stores, like Zeiss who has long been acclaimed as a leader in optics.
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